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Instantly gain the most confidence in your outfits

Are you no longer wearing your favorite clothes? Has wearing a tight dress always been a challenge? Our Mabel body shaper uses nylon technology to create strong elastic compression to shape your waist in seconds! Shape your waist and boost your confidence for day and night!

Compress your belly and thighs and elevate your butt for the ultimate sexy look!

It works by combining compression with targeted shaping zones on different parts of the body. The fabric is stretchy and flexible, so you can pull them down quickly. You can wear them with or without underwear.


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This is why Mabel has more than 3,200 satisfied customers:

✔ Targets abdomen, buttocks and thighs
Our Mabel shaper shorts are bound in the tummy and buttock area to compress your tummy and lift your buttocks while also shaping the thighs.

✔ Anti-slip silicone waistband
Mabel uses a non-slip silicone waistband that prevents the body shaper from rolling down while walking around or dancing all night!

 Firm-forming compression
Super flexible and with the memory steel in the upper waist area, our shaper creates a lock-in effect every time.

✔ Comfortable 360° compression
Our Mabel shaper short compresses you at every angle on your tummy and buttocks & thighs while still being comfortable.

✔ Breathable and soft fabric
Made of lightweight, non-translucent, and breathable materials that keep you comfortable all day.

✔ Elevates & shape your buttocks
Mabel also elevates your buttocks while compressing your waist for a sexy look.

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Compressive level: HIGH: Serene sculpting for maximum control and confidence.
90% Nylon, 10% Spandex


Mabel | Compresses and shapes the tummy to fit smoothly into your outfits (today 1+1 FREE)
Mabel | Compresses and shapes the tummy to fit smoothly into your outfits (today 1+1 FREE) Sale price$40.95 Regular price$82.00 SAVE 50%