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Who are we?

Created by Dutch Entrepreneurs
Fayemorin is for the woman who wants to go through life confident. Women who can take care of themselves and are proud of what they do.

We provide clothes in which you can be yourself without having to think about it. We pay attention to detail and fit, which is why many women wear our clothes with beautiful smiles.

Fit: our clothes always have a good fit, we like to hear that the outfits are breathable and sweat-resistant in summer and warm and soft in winter.

Attention to detail: an outfit always consists of the perfect color combination, which is why we always try to style a complete outfit.

Delivery: our beautiful packaging makes opening the packages a pleasure for everyone. For yourself or as a gift.

We are a small group of entrepreneurs with a passion for fashion. Women who want to make the most of life and face it with hard work and relaxation. Therefore, our clothes are ideal for a work day, but also for your leisure time.

We are Fayemorin, we radiate confidence!